About Us
Edmonton Based Air Charter Company

Our Story

Diamond Air Charter was created to fulfill a gap in business air travel. Many small communities in Western Canada have airports but no air service.

The Diamond DA62 is the perfect tool for short to medium range flights within Western Canada. It can safely and comfortably access community airports in addition to international airports. It seats 1-4 passengers plus a pilot - perfect for small businesses that do not require a larger aircraft on similar routes.

Our team of aviation professionals have a diverse background in the industry. Our pilot team has collectively over 150 years of flying experience between them gathered over their flying careers. Some of which they gained through service in the Canadian Air Force, airlines, small charter operations and much more!

Our Base of Operations

Diamond Air Charter is based out of the Fort Saskatchewan (Warren Thomas) Aerodrome located 5 km northeast of Fort Saskatchewan. This aerodrome offers the benefits of large airport infrastructure without all the costs and delays of air traffic control.

  • 4600' long paved runway
  • Full approach lighting system
  • Automated weather observation system
  • Sophisticated state-of-the-art GPS¬†instrument approach and departure systems
  • Wholesale fuel prices

Diamond Air Charter is flexible - we can take you from any of the Edmonton area airports as well!

Benefits of Flying With Us:

Hassle-free and Convenient
No airport security lines, no boarding zones, or missed connections - we work to your schedule.
Flying is far safer than driving, especially in the winter. Our pilots are experienced airline pilots with years of training.
Over 300 km/h gets you from point A to B in a straight line. No more boarding areas and listening to public address systems.
"Business Class" like seats, Sirius XM Radio, in-seat USB power. In-flight service is terrible... just a bottle of water!
Cost Effective
The aircraft is fuel efficient and utilizes lower cost Jet-A fuel.
Aircraft allows for multi-city day trips. No need for overnight in hotels.